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Road to Authenticity

Person- Centred Psychotherapy  & Counselling


Georgios E. Bligouras

Psychotherapist MA - Neuropsychologist MSc 



Most of us grew up in conditional relationships, where some feelings, behaviours, thoughts, and/or ideas were acceptable while others were vilified, disapproved, or politely dismissed. 


Short-term Counselling 

Short-term therapy is ideal for individuals that have a very specific issue that they want to explore, an openness in expressing their emotions and a high motivation to change.


Counselling for Students 

Starting therapy from early on in life will offer you the benefit of developing the emotional awareness necessary for making the right decisions for your life, as well as developing a versatility and adaptability in dealing with stressful situations.


Group Therapy- Encounter Groups

The group will function as the ground for developing interpersonal communication and relationships, increasing freedom to express positive and negative emotions as well as the ability to receive and give feedback.

My Approach

Firstly, I would like to say well done for starting the process of asking for help and support, it takes great courage to take this decision and make the first step towards change.
We all face difficulties in life and sometimes we might need to look outside friends and family and work through our issues with someone objective and impartial. My aim is to offer a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Yet, at times I will try to challenge you, with respect of your limits, beliefs, values, and pace. The content of our work will be established based on your needs and the areas you would like to develop self-awareness.

My approach to therapy is fundamentally person-centred, meaning that you, the client, is the expert of their experiencing and the direction of their development. In my psychotherapeutic work I draw from the person-centred, experiential, existential, and emotion-focused therapy. If these terms feel too jargony and don’t really mean anything, let me explain. Our therapeutic relationship will be based and developed on your needs and the emphasis is to become increasingly more in touch and connected to your psychological, behavioural, and emotional processes.


About me

Hello and Welcome !

I am Georgios Bligouras, a fully registered and licensed person-centred psychotherapist. More specifically, I am someone who is passionate about facilitating people towards a more authentic and genuine way of life. A life in touch with your deepest needs and wants, a life where you are in contact with your emotional and psychological processes, a life that you can accept the parts of yourself that have been harshly disapproved, a life in peace with your inner processes and directions.

Getting Help

If you would like to work with me book an initial appointment to find out more about the way I work and How I could help.

Below are some of the areas that I have clinical experience and a special interest working with. 

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Self Esteem


Post-traumatic Stress