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1. Individual Psychotherapy

Safely experience emotions not felt, thoughts not imagined, and experiences not processed. An in-depth process with life-changing impact.

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Session Duration

50 minutes

Cost per Session


Ways of Meeting

Face to Face/Online



Most of us have grown up in conditional relationships, where some feelings, behaviours, thoughts, and/or ideas were acceptable while others were vilified, disapproved, or politely dismissed. We have learned to internalize these views, repeatedly judging our feelings, criticizing our reactions, disapproving of our ideas and views, and reaching a state of internal conflict, confusion, and uncertainty. We have been built to distrust ourselves. Now, I know that even thinking about trusting yourself can feel naive, maybe you are saying ‘I don’t know enough’, ‘I keep making the wrong decisions’, ‘none has ever trusted, I must not be trusted’. Trust is the token of freedom and for trust to be lived it needs first to be experienced. Entering psychotherapy, you will be able to experience safely all these emotions that were not felt, the thoughts that were not imagined, and these experiences that were not processed adequately, all in the company and support of a fully trained and qualified psychotherapist. Therapy is not an easy process, or a ‘quick fix’, but it is a process that goes in-depth and has a life-changing impact on the ways that you function, behave, relate, and understand. If you want to start psychotherapy with me, please contact me for an introductory session by filling out the form below, by email, or via phone.

Prices can be negotiated based on financial ability.

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