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2. Short-term Counselling

Ideal for higly motivated change-seeking individuals with a very specific issue they want to explore.

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Session Duration

50 minutes

Cost per Session


Ways of Meeting

Face to Face/Online

No. of Sessions

15 to 30 sessions



If there is a recurring issue niggling you for some time and you just like to talk through your thoughts and feelings about it, or something happened in your life and you would like to work through it before it becomes overwhelming then short-term counseling could be an ideal option for you. Our work will be targeted to the issue that you would like to work on, and gain more awareness, and acceptance or make your peace with it. During our work is natural that more issues will arise as we get to uncover and understand the emotional tribulations and cognitive confusion that might be experienced. We will give adequate space and time to dig deeper or give time for 'sitting with the emotion' while exploring its meanings, connections and bodily sensations that its bringing in the moment. Short-term therapy is ideal for individuals that have a very specific issue that they want to explore, an openness in expressing their emotions and a high motivation to change. The amount of therapy sessions last between 15 to 30 sessions, with 15 person-centered sessions being the minimum amount of sessions that recent research from the University of Nottingham has shown to have lasting positive personality changes.

Prices can be negotiated based on financial ability.

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