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3.Counselling for Students

Develop your emotional awareness to make the right decisions early on. Deal with stressful situations in an adaptive and versatile manner.

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Being a student is a very transitional period in one’s life. It is marked by uncertainty, a growing number of responsibilities, and a need to respond to conflicting roles. This transitional period from adolescence to adulthood will bring up intense emotions of anxiety, depression, panic, uncertainty, helplessness, and indecisiveness. It will also bring to the forefront of your consciousness unresolved experiences and memories that demand your attention and emotional involvement. While you may try to deny, repress, rationalize, or project these experiences, or memories, they will remain inexperienced and unresolved. Starting therapy early on in life will offer you the benefit of developing the emotional awareness necessary for making the right decisions for your life as well as developing versatility and adaptability in dealing with stressful situations.

Session Duration

50 minutes

Cost per Session


Ways of Meeting

Face to Face/Online



Prices can be negotiated based on financial ability.

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